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October 6, 2015

Fall skirt guide

Let me start out by saying skirts are not my go-to. Other than here, I honestly can't remember the last time I wore a skirt on the blog…or at all, really. I think I'm just a pants person at heart, ya know? Give me the classic jeans and a tee look any day. I also think I've flat out avoided them over the years because of my height. When you're this short, you almost always have to get them tailored which -- real life -- is more time, money and effort than I'm willing to spend on something that isn't even my favorite. Not to mention that whole tights situation when it's cold out.

My tune is changing a little bit this fall, though. I feel like skirts are having a bit of a moment (which sounds ridiculous because, well, they're skirts) and with so many cute pieces I'm starting to think a trip to the tailor might not be so bad ;)

Today I wanted to round up a few of my favorite styles for fall and help you narrow down your shopping list. Fortunately, a lot of them overlap so you could literally knock out all four of these trends with one skirt if you're savvy enough. Which, let's be honest, you definitely are.

Suede: You can thank the 70s/boho revival for these babies being everywhere. Make them more modern with a chunky oversized sweater and cutout ankle booties or go full-on retro with a tucked in turtleneck and over the knee boots.
Wrap front: These are in the same 70s vein, but can definitely be made more polished depending on the skirt you choose. A wrap front midi would be perfect for the office as a way to give your standard pencil skirt a break.
Asymmetrical: Ok, so -- by nature -- these kind of overlap with the wrap front skirts a little, but not always. So they deserve their own category. I love this style for a bit of an edgier vibe.
A-line: You can never go wrong with this classic silhouette. It's probably the most versatile of all styles and offers the most variety, so if you're looking to spend a little more on a closet staple you'll wear season after season, this is probably your best bet!

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