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December 9, 2016

Link Love

-I've been looking for an all black beanie and just ordered this one!

-Trying to get a jumpstart on 2017 and just stocked up on organizational stuff at Target the other day! I got this desk calendar and this planner. Both are SO cute.

-I have a long puffer coat but have been wanting one that's a bit shorter. Currently trying to decide between this one and this one.

-Obsessing over this black and white fringe sweater!

-I love how the moto detailing on these leggings makes them look more like pants but they're still just as comfy!

-Couldn't help myself and got this sweater in both gray and blue to put under the tree from Santa ;) It's so unbelievably soft and such an amazing quality.

-J.Crew and J.Crew Factory are both having massive sales all weekend (30-40% off at the regular store and 50% off at Factory)! I've gotten some amazing gifts from both this year, especially for my husband, so they're definitely worth checking out.

-H&M's massive winter sale just started and it's soooo good. These blue velvet booties, this neutral blazer and this gorgeous double breasted coat are currently in my cart!

-I think we all know someone who needs this wine-themed iPhone case in their life. No shame if you immediately thought of yourself ;)

-This sweater just went on sale and I'm not sure I can resist -- I love the raw hem!

-How gorgeous would this gold flatware be for the holidays?

December 8, 2016

Suede moto








You've likely been seeing this suede moto jacket everywhere since it was included in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale earlier this year. I didn't buy it then and regretted it, but feel like it was fate that I waited and ultimately ended up getting it in this light gray color. (You might remember me talking about it in a dark gray, which I ultimately returned for this one. I still plan on buying the original "Midnight Toker" color if they ever make it again!)

There's a reason it's so popular and it's because it's honestly just that good. It's real suede and the quality is, in my opinion, pretty amazing. You can easily pay twice as much if not way more for something similar and I love the wide array of colors it comes in. This is actually a little dangerous because it's easy to "need" more than one to go with different things. And since it's the holiday season, I'd definitely add it to the list of things that would make a great gift. Even if it's just to yourself ;)

Below are all the colors and sizes I could track down, so I hope you find one you love if you're considering it!

December 6, 2016

Gift Guide: For him

Gift Guide: For the guys

Why is it that guys are always the hardest to shop for? There's either nothing they want, nothing they need and you just don't feel like the basic "I buy this for you once a year" necessities -- socks, boxers, etc. -- are enough. (Remind me again why they say we're the more complicated ones?) I've found that keeping a note in my phone helps in case someone randomly mentions something they want throughout the year and I'll quickly jot it down. But that doesn't always happen, and when it doesn't I'm left up to my own creative devices.

Don't get me wrong, the basics are great...and necessary! A classic sweatshirt or new tees are always awesome gifts. And you can never go wrong with a watch that goes with everything. My husband swears that a brown leather watch is a must, which is why I love this one by Daniel Wellington (use code ALLYCOG for 15% off!).

But if you're looking to kick it up a notch, I love something like the Ninja Coffee Bar if a guy in your life is into a good cup of morning joe (and who isn't, really?). You'll likely benefit as well when he starts thinking he's a barista, so it's totally worth the splurge ;) I also love the idea of a new piece of technology, like these wireless headphones that run off of Bluetooth.

What do you get the men in your life? I'm always looking for new ideas so please feel free to share!

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