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August 28, 2015

Happy Friday + Link love

-The perfect striped long-sleeved tee for fall for just $18.

-To recap the lace-up flat situation: these are the best designer look-for-less pair and they're back in stock. I ended up keeping them along with this pair. Both are super comfy! I sent these back, but they're a great option if you're still looking for a pair!

-Ten reasons Donald Trump is actually Regina George. Brillz.

-After my Abercrombie & Fitch phase, I never thought I'd be into another denim mini skirt again. But this one has me reconsidering. Or, try a button-up version if you want to channel this season's 70s trend.

-The more I see these sunnies, the more I want a pair. But the price tag. Ugh.

-Who doesn't love seeing Ikea pieces all glammed up? Totally loving this article showing 3 ways to use one of their most popular (and cheap!) shelves.

-Swing dresses might be my favorite transitional piece and I want to live in this one this fall.

-I absolutely love this new Tory Burch crossbody bag! It has a very Chanel-like quality and would be great for dressing up or down.

August 21, 2015

Happy Friday + Link love


-This sweater/poncho is entirely too long for my petite frame, but it. is. gorgeous! If you're anywhere near an average height, please buy it so I can be jealous of you.

-I'm counting down the days until my iPhone upgrade (how so not 2015 of me), and I'm considering this gold lace case as an option.

-Remember the gold and white New Balance sneakers that sold out earlier this year? They've been restocked!

-Do you also remember that time we all dumped buckets of ice water over our heads to help raise money for ALS? Turns out it actually made a difference!

-Think I'm gonna need this perfect draped blouse.

-I'm in the market for a new highlighter and can't decide between this one and this one (in "Copacabana"). I tend to love all things NARS, but have heard good things about Benefit's version.

-Everything got kinda tossed onto our bar car when we unpacked, but this weekend I plan to get it back to its previously styled glory using some inspiration from here.

-When you find a striped swing dress for your daughter and are secretly jealous it doesn't come in your size.

-Apparently, there's more to curtain hanging etiquette than just drilling some holes, putting up a rod and praying it only looks lopsided if you stare at it long enough. Who knew!? This list of tips is super helpful for getting it right.

-Am I too old to be excited about the new Restoration Hardware Teen line that's coming out?

August 19, 2015

Navy blue home decor

All images via Pinterest

Navy blue is having a bit of a moment in the home decor world right now and I'm not even a little mad about it. It's always been one of my favorite colors and I love that it's being incorporated into designs in such a chic way. Which is perfect timing for me since I'm in full-on renovation mode in the new house!

From kitchen cabinets to accent walls to bathroom vanities, it's officially become an option. (And just when I thought I knew what I wanted. Ugh.) But since I'm taking our updates suuuuuper slow to ensure I don't hate any major projects/purchases in six months from now, it's giving me time to gather inspiration and figure out exactly how I want to work it in. Though I have to admit, these images are making me want to paint an entire room this color!

For now, I'm sticking to the little things I can afford to hate -- i.e. throw pillows, trinkets, etc. -- just in case ;) But I do have my eye on some more permanent pieces like the ones below.

What are your thoughts on navy blue decor? Does it have staying power or is it just 2015's version of red walls in the dining room?

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