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December 22, 2014

Christmas card

All photos by Ashley

Blogging has blessed me with the opportunity to meet so many amazing people. Many of whom I now call friends. Ashley is one of those people.

I had originally planned on asking her to take some newborn photos when I first had Sofia, but, well...there's that whole new mom thing where you're living in a Groundhog Day dream state/can't remember when you last showered. I already regret not having them done, but knew I had to make time to get ones of her at 6 months. Especially since they grow and change just as fast as everyone tells you they do. I really wanted to make sure to document this part of her life. That and I needed to get a jump on our Christmas cards ;)

Ashley captured every aspect of Sofia's personality in her photos -- the sweet, curious, sometimes sassy, hilarious and everything in between. She comes highly recommended and is great for whatever you need. Engagement session, wedding, family photos, outfit pictures. She does it all! It doesn't hurt that she's also one of the sweetest people! So make sure to hit her up if you're in the market for some photos!

Oh, and in case you're wondering, you can get Sofia's plaid dress here and faux fur stole here.

December 19, 2014

Happy Friday + Link love

Happy Friday, dolls! Can you believe it's already the last weekend before Christmas?! Every year I swear I'm going to get ahead of things only to find myself scrambling to get everything done at the last minute. Add a baby to the mix and forget it! Even so, we are beyond excited for Sofia's first Christmas. Having her has made me feel like a kid again myself and I can't wait for next Thursday! I hope you enjoy the links I've rounded up for the week…and have a great weekend!

-There is no quote more accurate than "nothing haunts us like the things we didn't buy." Which is why after leaving this beanie behind at Topshop last weekend and then including it in my gift guide earlier this week, I just had to go back for it. Just a little gift to me, from me ;)

-I'll also be wrapping up these flats (in black) for myself. Oops! But how could I resist? They were only $26!

-Remember this epic selfie? Of course you do! It's no surprise it was the most retweeted tweet of 2014.

-Please excuse me while I live in this HOODED SWEATER (!!!!) all winter long. It looks like it's sold out online, but they still have tons in-store!

-There's been a lot of buzz this week about the new Instagram account WePhotoshoppedWhat. It calls out bloggers, among others, who have blatantly 'shopped their pictures to make themselves appear skinnier, taller, etc. You can read the article from Refinery29 here, and I'd love to hear your thoughts on it!

December 18, 2014

White Christmas inspiration

All photos via Pinterest

With just one week to go until Christmas day, I wanted to do a quick post sharing some of the images that are inspiring my holiday decor this season. I love an all white color scheme accented with metallics, fresh greens and subtle hints of red for a classic, crisp and cozy look. I'm also kind of a sucker for a beautifully set table, so I wanted to include some images of unique and elegant spreads in case you're still looking for some inspiration.

And if you're still shopping for some of your finishing touches and want to keep it in the white color scheme, I'd definitely recommend this sweet pillow, a little fauxidermy or these bark candles. They're all super simple and -- the best part -- all under $20. (Side note: this is THEEEE best time of year to buy Christmas decor. The discounts are so steep, but the stock is still plentiful.) Even if your table has been set for weeks, I'd suggest checking them out and snatching them up for next year!
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