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November 24, 2015

The sweater dress

If there's one thing we all want during the holiday season it's to look cute, be comfortable and -- probably most importantly -- be able to hide how much food we've just eaten. Which is why after buying this sweater dress for Thanksgiving on Thursday, I'm officially advocating for a piece that, at least to me, has been seriously underrated. I mean, who doesn't want to basically wear a cozy blanket, not wear pants and only have to make a footwear choice before heading out the door?

I'd recommend going with something a little looser and oversized (a la all the options below) and pairing it with a great pair of over-the-knee boots for a relaxed but chic look. If you're looking to dress it up a bit, you can easily swap out the OTKs for classic heels or ankle booties. And while you're probably all set for Thursday's festivities, I promise you'll be surprised at how many ways/times you wear any of these this winter!

November 20, 2015

Happy Friday + Link love

-I officially found my Thanksgiving Day outfit. It's simple, cute, comfortable and will be sure to hide the turkey food baby I plan on having.

-Just pulled the trigger on this coat in gray. I plan on putting it under the tree, but I'm not sure I'll be able to wait that long to wear it ;)

-Am I the only one who has plaid shirts specifically for the time period between Thanksgiving and Christmas? Okay, good. Because this one (in both colors!) might have to be added into the rotation.

-This might be the best pregnancy announcement ever.

-A good faux fur coat is a wardrobe must-have. They're ridiculously warm and more versatile than you might think. Pair one with skinny jeans and booties or over your dress for a holiday party. This one and this one are both affordable options.

-I wore this dress to a formal event last weekend (seen here) and absolutely loved it! It's incredibly flattering and the price point is perfect. I also found it in a gorgeous blue velvet, which would be stunning for any black tie holiday gatherings, and a short version for something more cocktail party-esque!

-This list of what a $1,000 rent check will get you in different parts of the country is both fascinating and insane. The takeaway: we should all move to Utah.

-In an effort to stay organized, I've already picked out my 2016 planner.

-Kinda feel like I need this beanie in every color.

-My favorite mug is back in stock for the holidays!

November 19, 2015

Wrap coat







We've already established I have a thing for outerwear, but I especially love wrap coats. Even more so during the fall when it's not too frigid just yet and you don't need something super heavy. I have to be careful because all that material can be a lot on my petite frame, but this one is perfect. It's shorter in the back and the tie waist helps create an actual shape, so I don't look like I'm being swallowed by a ton of fabric! This particular coat has been great for tossing on over lighter pieces since the weather in DC has been cold in the morning but ends up being pretty mild by the afternoon. Which, I have to say, is pretty freaking fantastic given that it's already the middle of November!

Speaking of, I still can't wrap my brain around Thanksgiving being only a week away. Maybe it's because it hasn't really gotten cold here yet, but I just don't feel like it's already time for the holidays! I see all the Christmas stuff in the stores and hear the songs on repeat on the radio, but it's not feeling "real" yet this year. Anyone else with me?

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