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March 31, 2015

Tuesday Temptations: Girly

Tuesday Temptations: Girly

Let's pretend for a second it's sunny, 78 degrees and I have a tan. (Let's also pretend that last part is actually possible. Hence this stuff.) Being right on the cusp of those kinds of days has me excited to shed the winter layers and add some summery, girly pieces to my wardrobe. I go through this phase every spring and, while I don't stray too far from my love of neutrals, I do like to brighten up my wardrobe a bit.

But just because you want to dress like it's warm, doesn't mean it actually is. Which is why I love pieces like these destroyed light wash jeans and this pretty blush fedora. They're just like the dark skinnies and black floppy hat you've been living in all winter, except more seasonally appropriate. In the case of that crochet swimsuit, though, it's totally fine to throw practicality out the window. Because who cares if it's just barely April. It's gorgeous, you need it and you'll be soaking up the sun on your rooftop pool soon enough, right? ;)

March 30, 2015

AllyCog on Instagram

Just a quick update to share some of the things from my Instagram that haven't made it to the blog (yet!). I hope you had a fab weekend!

I go to Trader Joe's once a week strictly for the flowers. And sometimes chocolate.

I've acquired quite the collection of ripped denim over the past few months -- it's literally all I wear! You can get a similar hat here.

Thank you, Target, for making the shirt we all need in our lives.

These jeans and this pair of fresh white sneaks are two of my favorite recent purchases.

I'm loving all things nude/neutral for spring! This polish is one of my favorites. Get the clutch here.

Sofia learned how to give kisses a few months ago and it might be my favorite thing ever! She kind of just lunges toward you with her mouth open, and it's so unbelievably cute. I love that she's starting to show affection.

The weather is so all over the place in D.C., but last week I was able to get away with just a pretty floral blouse and jeans. I kept the blue color scheme going with my favorite mirrored aviators (which are currently on major sale)!

Vincent and I celebrated our anniversary over the weekend and I got to test drive this bag thanks to Trendlee! If you're looking for second-hand designer pieces, you should definitely check them out. Plus, get 5% off with the code "CHASTR5." (Lipstick here.)

Make sure to follow me on Instagram for all the latest!

March 27, 2015

Happy Friday + Link love

1. Bloomingdale's Friends and Family sale is happening now through Sunday, which means 25% off ev-uh-ree-thing! And since I'm in the mood to buy a new bag for summer, I'm contemplating this, this and this.

2. I about died from cuteness while watching this video.

3. I'll spare you the details, but let's just say I recently realized my favorite workout leggings were no longer appropriate for the gym. Or anywhere, for that matter. An excuse to shop for cute new gym gear? Well, okay! I ended up with these and these from Forever 21, and will probably end up going back for more. They have an awesome selection with really cute, colorful pieces!

4. I recently picked up this nude lipstick and it's the best budget-friendly version I've found thus far! (Go for this one if you like a slightly glossier look.)

5. Target just released the lookbook for its latest designer collab with Lilly Pulitzer and some of the pieces are so perfect for summer! You can see the whole thing here.

6. These sunglasses are only fueling my current obsession with all things blush. They're a total necessity, right?

7. It probably doesn't come as a shock when I say I don't tan. I'm pale by nature so I rely heavily on sunless tanners to give me any kind of glow during the summer. I'm a huge fan of Jergens Natural Glow foam, but I'm even more excited to try their new Instant Sun taking mousse. It gives you color in hours rather than days!

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