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July 12, 2019

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale -- What's in my cart

Okay, so while all these things are in my cart, I'm definitely not buying everything. It's the add-to-cart-and-figure-it-out-later strategy, ya know? ;)

Anyway, I do have a few thoughts about the sale this year. First, you'll definitely hear some people say it's way better than in years past while others who think the complete opposite. For me, it's about what I expected. I was hoping for a few more pieces that really wowed me, but overall it's got some great basics and things I know I'll wear over and over. I'm really loving the blazer/jacket selection (which you can obviously tell from my picks above haha) as well as the athletic wear. If I'm not in a blazer and jeans, I'm in leggings/workout clothes, so I really tried to hone in on what I loved the most and only share those pieces. In fact, when I looked back on the things that I have from past sales and what's still in my closet/what I still wear, they definitely fall into those categories. It's so easy to get caught up in buying something because it's on sale, but I'm trying my best to avoid that this year. I will definitely be sharing what I got, probably on Insta stories, so feel free to follow along!

I may also do another roundup or two featuring some items I'm giving a second look, what's still in stock, beauty products (though I don't tend to buy a ton from this sale), etc. so definitely keep an eye out for that! And if there's anything specific you want to see, feel free to let me know!

Thanks for stopping by and happy shopping!

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