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September 15, 2015

Tuesday Temptations: LWB

No, that's not a typo. I did, in fact, mean to type LWB. Because today we're not talking about the LBD or the LWD (little white dress), we're talking about the little white blouse.

You'd think it's obvious that a perfectly drapey, white blouse is a no-brainer in terms of a closet staple and you've seen the classic white button down make every top ten list...ever. But have you noticed that it's the basics you sometimes overlook? At least I do. I found myself combing through the racks of my closet a few times recently in search of a plain white blouse and realized I didn't have any. But aren't you a blogger? I know.

I'm always drawn to them when I shop but will spring for something else since a white shirt, in my mind, is so basic. It's the first thing I'll put back when narrowing down my selections in a fitting room and the first thing I "save for later" in my online cart. Why? Because I must have a million of them already. Except not.

Fortunately, they're having a bit of a moment for fall in all its 70s boho goodness and it's easy to find one right now. I have this one and this one (outfit posts coming soon!) and highly recommend them both. I'm also loving this one since it's a button down but still has that soft, flowy look!

Below is a list of my favorites. And I hope you don't mind they're not in their usual collage format. They were kinda hard to see on the white background so I figured I'd switch it up a bit ;)

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