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September 11, 2015

Happy Friday + Link love

This week totally flew by. And between the heat and having Monday off it was Friday before I knew it. Not that I'm complaining, but that whole lack of posts thing wasn't intentional. But now that the temps are supposed to be getting a bit more bearable I miiiiight be more motivated to toss on the fall pieces I have hanging in my closet. Seriously, I don't know how the bloggers who have been wearing faux fur, sweaters and jeans since August do it. That is not real life when it's 90 out. On to this week's links...

-These have just become my favorite fall booties. I love how short they are on my ankle and the light neutral color is perfect. So comfy, too!

-Just in case you've ever wanted to spend $90 on lipstick.

-The new iPhones were just announced and rose gold has been thrown into the mix. I'm still trying to sort out my feelings.

-These cat eye sunnies are only $8 and are seriously on point for fall.

-A single gold bracelet/bangle is always my favorite accessory and I'm in need of some new additions. And for $10 each, I might just spring for both this one and this one.

-There's nothing I love more than a beauty product that adds mere seconds to you morning routine but ups your game by 1000%. Namely, this clear brow gel. It keeps your brows in place all day, doesn't flake and even gives a bit of a fill-in effect without the pencil. Basically, it's magic in a tube.

-I got my first dark mani earlier this week in this color. It's my absolute favorite navy blue!

-Looks like Macy's is set to close 35-40 stores early next year.

-The jeans we talked about last week were a total bust. Sad face. As predicted, you could see my shins rather than my kneecaps. I still loved them, though, and would definitely recommend if you're a normal height!

-Finally, I can't carry on with business as usual without recognizing the significance of today's date. I'm not sure there will ever be a time it doesn't feel like "just yesterday." And if this doesn't give you chills I don't know what will.

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