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September 18, 2014

Pink + black








Blouse: Equipment || Pants: Nordstrom (almost identical) || Heels: Qupid (another fab option that's also great for fall) || Purse: Target || Sunglasses: Forever 21 (love these!) || Midi ring: Nordstrom (found here)

I have never considered myself a girly girl. Sure, I enjoy a good feminine piece every now and then, but more often than not I'm balancing it with something a little bit edgy. The same goes for this pink blouse. It's Equipment. And it was on sale at Nordstrom Rack for more than 60 percent off. Basically, it was free. And you just. don't. pass up that kind of deal. To offset the blouse, I dug these super comfy faux leather track pants out of the depths of my closet. They've been hiding since my preggo days and when the weather was a bit cooler. Now that we're heading into fall, I figured it's the perfect time to add them back into the rotation!

Oh, and can we talk a little bit about this bag? This baaagggg. I know I mentioned it yesterday but we really just need to spend a little more time obsessing over it. Or at least I do. When I spotted it in Target -- yes, Target -- I about lost my mind. Had I been transported to a high end department store? Was there a designer label stitched to the inside? Nope and nope. I was still in Target. And the price tag was still less than $40. I know. You're going to want to get on that train, friends.



  1. I love the pale pink & leather combo!! Definitely working the leather track pants too!


  2. I was dying to know where that bag was from and LOVE the fact that it's from Target. Fab deal!

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