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September 23, 2014

Tuesday Temptations: Grayscale

Tuesday Temptations: Gray

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There's never a time when I'm not obsessing over all things gray. Mostly because it's a shade lighter than black. And, ya know, I like to switch things up. Not much has changed now that we're officially rolling into fall 2014. In fact, I think gray might even be having a bit of a moment right now -- not that I need an excuse to add more of it to my closet. It simply means that for a few short months I won't feel guilty ignoring other color options. (I can already hear my husband saying, "Do you really need another gray sweater?" Why yes, I do, thanks for asking.) I'll be happy to expand my sartorial horizons though…starting with those insanely good flat cutout booties. And maybe that leather jacket.


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