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September 16, 2014

Tuesday Temptations: Fall must-haves

Tuesday Temptations: fall favorites

One || Two || Three || Four || Five || Six || Seven || Eight || Nine || Ten

I tend to go a little nuts this time of year when it comes to shopping. Fall is my absolute favorite season to dress for, there's inspiration everywhere, and I'd love nothing more than to spend all of my money on clothing. Okay, so maybe that's a year-round urge. But hey, we all have our demons.

In reality, I'm actually a fairly responsible human who has a budget and all that adult stuff. Which means I have to pick and choose the pieces I'll be adding to my wardrobe for the season.

If you buy nothing else, you need a pair of ripped black skinnies. I've already been living in this pair (seen here) and also love the pair above. I won't ramble on too much right now re: my obsession since I plan on dedicating an entire post to them. Because that's how deep I'm in, friends. Stay tuned.

Also, Target. The store none of us can ever walk out of without spending three times what we planned is totally killing it for fall. I've already snagged those booties in two colors, that hat and the purse. Sorry I'm not sorry.



  1. Totally agree with your picks here - going to have to hunt down that hat at my local Target!


  2. Ohhhh, yes yes yes to 6, 7, and 8!!


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