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August 17, 2011

Fall Five: Nail polish

I'm so glad I can use my Fall Five series as an excuse to talk about nail polish...yet again.

With the change of each season, I get excited to see what unique colors will pop up on the runway and eventually trickle down - months later - into the bottles of the latest lacquers.

Last fall we saw earth tones really gain traction and they are certainly back in full force for fall 2011. We're also seeing periwinkle blues and sea foam greens - a very welcome addition to a standard palette. I tend to gravitate toward darker hues, but will be making a point of branching out with so many fun colors to try.

Below are some of my favorite "new releases":

Nail Polish: Fall 2011

Click here to see this Polyvore set.

What colors are you dying to incorporate into your fall look in the coming months?

For parts one and two of my Fall Five series, click here and here.

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P.S. I've recently discovered Polyvore and used it to create the above collage - isn't it lovely? It's so simple and makes a huge difference aesthetically. I'll most likely be experimenting a bit until I really figure out how to make the most of it, so bear with me!


  1. I'm dying for Chanel Peridot!

  2. Love the Peridot, but my Chanel polishes always chip really quickly :( OBSESSED with Butter London! Ever tried"Yummy Mummy?" It's a lovely biscuity neutral.


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