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August 16, 2011

Fall Five: Ankle boots

This second post in my fall five series will be just like its subject: short and sweet. I'm talkin' about ankle boots (also known as booties), my friends.

I basically live in these during the fall and winter (and, admittedly, sometimes into spring) and am so glad this style is sticking around. As with most of what I buy, I try to invest in things that can easily be paired with most of what's already in my wardrobe and any new additions.

While strolling through Macy's (one of my favorite stores) recently, I noticed they have an amazing selection this season, especially when it comes to the basics:

If you already have your go-to boots or booties, maybe it's time to go for something a bit more trendy. In that case, look for details like studs, buckles, laces or unique colors:

Stay tuned for part three of my Fall Five series tomorrow! For part one, click here.

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Photo credit: Macy's.com.

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