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June 17, 2011

Photoshop fashion fail

I love sample sale sites. Each morning, I anxiously await the arrival of the e-mail with the day's latest deals and steals from some of the best name brands and designers on the market.

And sometimes, in the case of today, they also bring a little bit of humor.

Exhibit A: Screenshot of a Jessica Simpson print dress, in blue, with a model who appears to only have three limbs.

A close-up:

Exhibit B: Screenshot of the same model wearing the same dress, in pink, with all limbs in tact.

A close-up (in case there was still any confusion about the number of appendages):

Fortunately, the model's missing extremity didn't seem to impact sales, as it was already sold out ($39 for a dress that was originally $128 - hello, bargain!) more than a half hour before it was made available to second row members - aka the lowly bargain-seekers who don't pay to shop an hour early.


P.S. This sale happened to be from Ideeli. Which I absolutely love. It's actually my favorite out of all that I subscribe to - which is a lot. Probably too many. But all kidding aside, I really do love you, Ideeli, and hope that the shoes I ordered from you the other day won't get "lost in the mail" should someone from there read this post and decide to retaliate!

Photo credit: Ideeli.com.

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