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June 23, 2011

The big 2-5

Among other significant milestones I've celebrated in the past few months, I recently added to that list reaching the quarter of a century mark.

To celebrate, Vincent treated me to an amazing dinner at National Harbor - a landmark I've been admiring from a distance (literally, we can see it from our balcony) since moving here.

The restaurant du jour was Bond 45, an Italian steakhouse that boasts only two locations worldwide, the other in the heart of New York in Times Square. Everything about the evening was undeniably 25th birthday worthy:

Our view during dinner.

Trying to take artsy photos of my food. Some of my blogger friends do this so well!

My cotton candy birthday cake...

...which happened to have ice cream at the bottom. I was feeling generous and let Vincent have some. Look how happy he is!

Complimentary limoncello. Mmm.

National Harbor from the pier.

I have to admit, I'm pretty pleased with how 25 is starting off!


Photo credits: Me and my iPhone that sometimes takes blurry pictures.

1 comment:

  1. haha you did a wonderful job! that cotton candy birthday cake is freakin awesome...

    P.S. Evan is ready to begin editing your video!!! eeeeeee i can't wait!


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