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October 12, 2016

Star print








Blouse (also similar here) | Jeans | Belt | Flats (similar in more sizes here and here) | Bag (in two other styles here and here) | Similar sunglasses

When Vincent and I first met during our freshman year of college, we once sat outside our dorms until 2 a.m. talking. Our school only allowed visitors until midnight so we decided to hang out in one of the outdoor common areas. It was a super clear -- but cold! -- night in December, during finals week actually, and we were both heading home after our 8 a.m. exams the next morning (why are those even a thing?) for Christmas break. We watched for shooting stars and chatted about anything and everything. It seemed like fate since one of my all-time favorite paintings is Starry Night by Vincent van Gogh. Or at least that's the connection I made as a lovestruck 18 year old ;)

If you aren't totally queasy from all that sappiness haha, it's really just a long way of saying I have a soft spot in my heart for star print anything, even all these years later. And when I saw this top (very similar with all sizes in stock here) it immediately reminded me of way back when. And not that I need it, but you know I'll take any excuse to shop!

Happy Wednesday!

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