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September 29, 2016

Your guide to the "ugly denim" trend

Ever since I saw another fashion website refer to it as the "ugly denim" trend, it's kinda stuck with me. They're right in the sense that some of what we're seeing is straight up bad, but this diversion from your classic skinny jean is actually kind of fun and totally wearable if you pick the right pair. You can keep it conservative and opt for a simple raw hem or go all out with embroidered mom jeans or ones that are pieced together and adorned with patches.

For me, finding the perfect pair has been a little tricky. I actually really love the super fringey ones, but being petite has made it hard to find ones that fits length-wise. These, for example, are so cute but I end up looking like a muppet with furry feet because I'm short. I've opted for scouring the kid's section of many a store (with not a ton of luck) but mostly have relied on a few DIY projects. I have to say it's been pretty liberating to just cut the hem off my jeans, throw them in the wash and have them be the right length and totally on trend when I pull them out ;)

Either way, I wanted to make a little bit of a guide for you guys today and break down the different categories of "ugly" denim.

Raw hem -- If you don't want to diverge too far from your classic skinny jeans, then this might be the right route for you. Opt for a pair with just a simple cut off hem, with or without other distressing elsewhere. The denim will fray a bit naturally and they'll still be just as versatile as your other go-to pairs. You can even do it yourself with older jeans. I prefer to cut mine just above the ankle bone.

Fringe hem -- This is the next step up from slightly raw hems. There's definitely a fringe factor and you're going to want to keep it above your ankle. This style looks amazing with pumps. You can also DIY these, though it takes a bit more time. There's a good tutorial here.

Asymmetrical -- Whether it's the "mullet" jean that's longer in the back than in the front (also called a step hem), a super jagged and destructed hem or a cropped flare that's longer on one side, you have tons of options here. You don't have to worry about anything matching perfectly and can definitely have some fun doing it yourself if you want. You really can't go wrong since the more destructed the better!

Patched and pieced -- These would be a little bit more out of my personal comfort zone, but I really like the way they can look! Go for something with different colored denim stitched together or a hem in an interesting place like down the front. Fun patches or embroidery are also part of this category and pay homage to my childhood in the 90s.

Mom jeans -- If done the right way, I don't actually hate mom jeans. Think of a classic pair of Levis that is a bit higher waisted and looser throughout. You may also see these referred to as "girlfriend" jeans.

I've also found that a lot of these styles overlap, so you can definitely combine several of these features into a single pair of jeans. The possibilities are endless and I really love that this is something you can DIY to make it fit your personal style. Also, I'd love to hear what you think and if you'll be making ugly denim a part of your fall wardrobe!

1 comment:

  1. The patched ones remind me of the jeans my cool nanny had when I was in 4th grade. The 90s are DEF back!


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