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January 12, 2016

Work it out

The parking lot at your local gym has been a bit more crowded lately, there are at least three people you follow on Instagram/Snapchat who are posting every single one of their Whole 30 meals and none of your friends want to go out on a Friday night because #dryJanuary. But whether you're a regular gym rat or have resolved to get fit in 2016, we can all agree that cute workout clothes make it a lot easier to commit to sweating it out.

I recently stocked up on some new gear (umm, hello marble leggings and matching sports bra) and figured it was the perfect time to round up pieces you'll be excited to get dressed in and do my part to keep your motivation going strong. You'll notice a lot of what I chose is from Forever 21 and it's because they have super cute pieces at awesome prices and the quality is surprisingly good! I wash my workout clothes all. the. time. and everything I have from there has held up really well. Oh, and in case you need a new gym bag to hold it all, I got this one in oxblood from the husband for Christmas and absolutely love it!

1 comment:

  1. Yesss to all of these items!!! And I'm SO motivated by workout clothes too!! Which works out because I'm always buying more stuff (oops!) Target also has REALLY good quality workout clothes that hold up great!



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