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November 6, 2015

Happy Friday + Link love


-This is definitely one of winter's "it" coats! It's likely to be on major sale later this month (Black Friday/Cyber Monday), so I'm waiting for a 40% off opportunity. Or you can get this one for almost half the price right now.

-Speaking of outerwear, this toggle coat is so cute and on major sale for only $50!

-Tomorrow is Mascara Madness at Nordstrom. AKA buy two mascaras and get the third one free! And yes, you can mix and match. I recommend this one and this one.

-Admittedly, I'm not a country music fan so I wasn't watching the CMAs the other night. But this was pretty epic.

-This pair of lace-up flats is only $25 and comes in three colors (yellow version here)! I just got the tan ones because I couldn't help it ;) All sizes are fully stocked so I would hesitate if you want a pair!

-If your December consists of planning your life around when "Elf" is on ABC Family, then you'll want to check out their 25 Days of Christmas schedule.

-I love, love, love the Chloe Faye bag, but this is a gorgeous look for less option until (read: if) I can splurge on the real thing.

-My favorite blanket scarf from last year is available in poncho form for $38! It's super cozy and the gray and white stripes make it pretty versatile.

-Of course Target has all the best metallic items for the holidays. I'm such a sucker for the gold decor!

-Because you know I can't resist a good monogrammed mug.

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