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November 10, 2015

Cozy cardigans

If I had to choose one piece from my closet that's a must-have right now, it's the open front cardigan. And not just because I've come down with what feels like the plague a nasty cold and want to be cuddled up in bed 24/7. They are so comfortable and cozy and I find myself tossing one on over whatever I'm wearing at least a few times per week. They easily dress up a basic t-shirt when paired with skinny jeans and booties (or heels if you're feeling fancy). Swap out real pants for leggings and you have the perfect lounging outfit. I'm currently working on getting at least one in every neutral color into my wardrobe and figured I'd safe some favorites.

Styling tip: stick to the ones that hit at mid-thigh and below. The ones that hit at your hips and are drapey can make you look wide, boxy, and maybe even a little bit like you shrunk your sweater in the wash ;) Going for something longer will ensure your proportions stay in tact.

Happy Tuesday!

1 comment:

  1. Timing is so perfect! I'm on the hunt for some super cozy cardigans and your selections are absolutely gorgeous!

    xx, Ashleigh | www.fashioninflight.com


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