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April 14, 2015

Tuesday Temptations: One piece

Tuesday Temptations: One piece

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I didn't spend a ton of time (read: any time) in a swimsuit last summer for a few reasons. All of which had something to do with having a newborn. But this summer, now that Sofia is almost one (one!!) and nearly walking, I'm excited to be able to take her to the pool, the beach and to do other warm weather activities that require swimwear. I'm also excited that one-piece swimsuits (some of which are monokinis, just FYI) are back in a huge way!

Just like any girl, I've always been self conscious about my body in a swimsuit. It doesn't help that my proportions are...ahem...challenging, so finding something that fits well (which in turn makes it more flattering) is a daunting task. One-piece suits definitely make this a little bit easier! I love how creative designers are getting, too, with all the cutouts, straps and whatnot. In some cases, I think they're even sexier than a bikini! And if you can look past the crazy tan lines (that's what sunscreen is for, friends -- please make sure you're wearing it!!), there's a whole new world of what you can wear while splashing around in the waves.

I mentioned before that this one is my absolute favorite, and will be ordering it as soon as I can decide what color to get (black? mint? white? Gah!). And since I'm a little mesh obsessed right now, I might snag this one as well. (Such a good price, too!)

What do you think? Are you into the one-piece trend?

1 comment:

  1. I am super excited about getting a one-piece swimwear. I'm bigger size than you are, also If there's such thing as fruit shaped bodies, I would be an apple, so the bikini with the belly being exposed is not very flattering. I am thinking of something like these, but haven't found the perfect one-piece yet...


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