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February 3, 2015

Tuesday Temptations: Red + pink

Tuesday Temptations: Valentine's Day

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I'm not really high maintenance when it comes to Valentine's Day. I'm totally content with either going out to dinner at some point during the month of February or -- more realistically -- just cooking a special meal at home. And okayyyyy, if there just happen to be flowers involved, I certainly won't refuse them. But I never really make a huge deal out of it. That being said, it's a great excuse to pick up a little something for yourself. Or, if Valentine's Day is basically just an extension of Christmas and you've already sent your wish list to your significant other, these are some items you might want to consider adding.

Personally, I'd take that bag any day of the year. More realistically, a new bottle of my favorite perfume or a cozy robe are nice little gifts that definitely make you feel special. Regardless of whether you buy them for yourself or not ;)


  1. Love your list! Mine went live today. I think this is my favorite holiday to put up a guide for! http://ow.ly/Irzkp

  2. Super cute! I love the robe, but that bag! Geesh I'd love that hanging on my shoulder.



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