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November 18, 2014

Tuesday Temptations: Caped

Tuesday Temptations: Cape sweaters

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Do you ever set out looking for the perfect version of one item only to fall down a rabbit hole of online browsing and end up buying nothing? Welcome to my quest for choosing the perfect sweater cape for fall and winter. After what was probably hours, I ended up just as confused as when I started. Hence, blog post. Because if I can't buy them all, at least I can share my favorites with you!

The problem is that I really don't know what I want. I started out thinking this was my dream cape, but as I explored more options, I became unsure. They're all so different and I can picture each worn in a separate way. The gray one with faux leather pockets, for example, would look fab with ankle booties and faux leather leggings. But maybe I'm really digging the tribal vibe and want to rock my riding boots for a rustic look. See my dilemma?

One thing I did discover during all my searching was a fun little look for less situation that's worth a major shoutout. This multicolor cape is identical to the monogrammed Burberry Prorsum beauty seen on style icon Olivia Palermo but for like, next to nothing. You're welcome ;)

Which is your favorite?

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