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October 17, 2014

Fall 2014 nail polish trends

I may live in Essie's "Blanc" -- my favorite white nail polish -- all summer long, but once September 1 arrives, it's back to dark manicures for this girl. Each fall I look forward to gettin' ma nails did (read: I mostly do them myself) with new moody hues and this season I'm particularly giddy with some of the colors I've seen. And since it's Friday and we all know you have a date with a glass of wine and your DVR at some point this weekend, I figured I'd help you out in case you wanted to pick up a new nail polish to try while you catch up on Scandal:

Fall 2014 Nail Polish Colors

Blues -- It used to be that my go-to dark color was good old basic black. But lately, I find myself swiping on a deep blue instead. I recently picked up this one, and every time it starts chipping, I end up taking it off only to reapply. But really, anything from a cobalt to next-to-black is A-ok in my book.

Berries -- From rich reds to deep purples, you can't go wrong with anything in a berry hue. I tend to stick to the darker shades, but you can also incorporate some bright colors if you're feeling festive. Especially since we're heading into the holiday season!

Greens -- If you told me a few years ago that I'd be wearing variations of green nail polish, I would've called you cray. But after obsessing over "Stylenomics" late last season, I'm much more into the idea of having pretty, woodsy colors on my nails. Similar to my love for dark blues, a good dark teal or olive is a great way to take a break from your classic noir.

Nudes/Neutrals -- Okay, so nudes aren't exactly dark, but there's no denying that anything flesh-toned is trending for fall 2014 (and even into spring 2015). But I'm not talking about sheer nudes. I'm talking about the really opaque, milky colors. You can even go a little darker and venture into chocolatey-brown territory. And maybe, just maybe, I'd even be willing to add some greige to this category ;)

Have a fab weekend, babes!



  1. I'm so happy I'm not alone on the greens!

  2. This green is everything! I have an appt Tuesday and this post was very helpful with deciding what my next nail color will be. Nude was the choice this past appointment and It was a hit.


  3. Navy blues have become my new black. Love these choices!


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