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October 21, 2014

AllyCog on Instagram

Happy Tuesday, babes! So many exciting things happening, the first of which you may have already noticed -- the site has gotten a complete makeover! Eeee! It's been a long time coming and I can't thank the insanely talented Jessica of Creative Index enough for all her incredible hard work. If you ever need any design services, she's your girl!

The biggest change is the name. You already know me on Instagram and Twitter as AllyCog, so going forward forward, the blog will have the same namesake. Chain Strap Purse was what I came up with when I first started blogging. It was meant to evoke images of Chanel handbags, which I consider one of the most iconic pieces in fashion. It's classic, timeless and transitions seamlessly from season to season -- mixing with trendy pieces but always able to stand on its own. I wanted my blog to be a reflection of that...and I loved it at the time. But just as my style and tastes have changed, so has this site. The new (okay, not really new haha) name is AllyCog because that's the brand I've built over the years. It's 110 percent me. But not to worry -- the content won't change! And I promise to make those boring technical changes as seamless as possible so you don't have to switch your RSS feeds or any of that good stuff. There will undoubtedly be some kinks to work out and a few things to update here and there, so please bear with me over the next few days as I get it together! And, as always, thank you, thank you, thank you for reading!

Now, onto a peek into my life lately...

1. Told ya I've been living in dark manis! You can get the sweater here and the ring here.
2. I wear faux leather leggings at least once a week once it gets cooler out. This season, I have my eye on a paneled pair.
3. I've walked past this restaurant in DC dozens of times, but something made it stand out to me recently. Maybe it was the dreary day, but I suddenly felt like I was strolling around Paris!
4. A cozy sweater, oversized plaid scarf and my favorite sunglasses = my weekend uniform. And you know I can't get enough of these jeans!

5. Fall weekends are my favorite. I love relaxing with a cup of coffee and just hanging out with our little Sofia!
6. Hunter Boots and slouchy plaid shirts are my rainy day must-haves!
7. I recently tried this dry shampoo and am in love! It seriously works wonders on second (and sometimes even third -- eek!) day hair.
8. If there's one thing I can never have enough of, it's things to help me organize my life. This blog planner from Heart & Arrow is exactly the way I like to see my week laid out and is so, so helpful for getting organized!

Hope you're all having a great week so far! And please let me know what you think about the new look/name! I'd love your feedback :)


  1. Gorgeous photos! I love following along!

    The Style Storm
    <3, Christina

  2. I absolutely love the new look & name! Rebranding is definitely something I think of- those first blog names sound so good at the time haha. I may be picking your name in the future on how this process goes!


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