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February 28, 2014

Happy Friday + link love

1. If stocking up on statement jewelry is on your to do list, you're going to want to check out the Bauble Bar sample sale. In the words of Rachel Zoe: it's bananas. Most pieces are $10 or $15, including my favorites below. I'm especially loving all the sparkly necklaces!

2. I feel like I'm always talking up Target's home decor, but I seriously can't help myself. The #Targetdoesitagain hashtag basically sums up my life, especially when it comes to this gold and white mirrored tray from the Nate Berkus Collection. I'm also thinking these gold starbursts may be perfect as wall decor our little girl's room!

3. Remember that time when your entire wardrobe consisted of Abercrombie, Hollister and American Eagle? Or at least you wanted it to? Those days are clearly over, and these brands have all taken majors hits -- Abercrombie especially. This article about the retail chain explains how they'll be lowering prices starting next year, focusing on outlet stores and is a pretty interesting read over all. Side note about the outlets: who else wishes these existed when you were a broke high school student and all you wanted to do was layer your polo shirts and pop your collar?

4. Did you miss the Shopbop sale? That's okay, because I have some pretty fab sale items in my Tuesday Temptations post this week that you'll want to check out!

5. These silver oxfords have been on my wish list for weeks and I think I finally have to hit purchase. Mostly because I'm afraid they'll sell out and I'll regret not buying them for ever and ever and ever. Plus, how perfect are they for Spring?

Have a fab weekend!



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