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February 21, 2014

Happy Friday + link love

1. I recently heard about the Australian brand Senso and was instantly obsessed. They have some of the best cut-out booties (and regular booties, in general) I've seen! I'm not sure they're quite so mainstream in the US yet, but I'm thinking I should probably help them out with that and buy a pair. It's the right thing to do, after all. Some of my favorites are below:

2. Spring always brings out the pastel hues, and I'm not usually a huge fan, but I'm absolutely loving this powder blue shade that's popping up everywhere. I can't wait to wear it in a million different ways, starting with a mani! Essie's "Borrowed and Blue" is absolutely perfect and a great way to try out the trend.

3. The majority of this weekend will be spent cleaning and organizing our new place -- namely, unpacking all the boxes I keep tripping over! Besides, I can't start decorating until that's out of the way, and we all know that's the fun part! In case you missed it, check out some of my favorite home decor pieces I rounded up earlier this week. Hint: many of them are from Target and are super affordable!

4. You've probably heard about all the stray dogs that are running around Sochi. It's so heartbreaking, especially to think that many of them are being put to sleep. But there are a ton of American athletes with hearts of gold (pun intended) who are giving them permanent homes and bringing them back to the U.S. after the Olympic games. Check out this roundup of some of the adorable little faces who are soon to be international adoptees. And in case you need more "aww" in your life, see also a squirrel trying to bury a nut in a dog's fur. Hilar.

5. If you're in the D.C. area, you should definitely consider getting tickets to the Gilt City Warehouse Sale. It's always one of my favorite events and I look forward to it every time! If you're willing to brave the madness (I like to call it organized chaos), you can get some amazing deals on really fabulous designers/pieces. Tickets are on sale here. But hurry -- they go fast and you'll want to make sure you select an early time slot for the best selection!

Have a wonderful weekend!



  1. Have you ever done the Gilt City thing? How fabulous are the deals? On par with Alexandria's Warehouse sale from a few weeks ago or higher? I only ask because I really don't want to drop the cash on the ticket and just be priced out from the get go. I'm on a pretty tight budget these days. I also love that first pair of booties! I'm usually not a fan but they are definitely on my covet list!

    1. I go to the media preview all the time and, honestly, it's been hit or miss for me. One year I went and got a DVF blouse, Rebecca Minkoff heels, a Marc by Marc Jacobs jacket and an Alice + Olivia dress for around $300 -- which is a steal for those four things! Last time I didn't get anything, so it can go either way depending on what they have/what I'm looking for. But I definitely think there are some gems and would definitely recommend it :)

      xoxo, Alison

  2. Fun post! Loving those booties! Definitely checking the site out!



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