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August 6, 2013

Tuesday Temptations: Get fit

I've been thinking about this post for a little while now and have decided that it's time for a little real talk around these parts. And I'm referring to fitness!

As a blogger, I'm constantly looking at pictures of myself in photos -- scrutinizing angles, poses, etc. Don't get me wrong, I love sharing my outfits with you! But sometimes it's difficult not to be critical. Especially when there is seemingly always someone thinner, taller and prettier out there doing the same exact thing. And it's hard to not compare when you're bloated, having a bad day or just feel "off." We've all been there, right?

To be perfectly honest, I've never had a huge problem with body image. Sure, I have insecurities (who doesn't?) like my height or the fact that my chest size doesn't exactly correlate to my petite frame. But as I've gotten older I've learned to embrace these things, dress for my figure/body type and make the most of it. But a point came recently when I just wasn't happy with how I looked and, more importantly, how I felt. Things weren't fitting the way they used to and I had an overall feeling of blah, so I decided to make some changes.
Tuesday Temptations: Get fit

First, I started eating better. I wouldn't say my diet was terrible, but I'd be lying if I said I always made the best decisions. I have a weakness for pasta and pizza (and all carbs, really), crave McDonald's chicken nuggets on the regular, and love indulging in desserts. One thing that's really helped me is the My Fitness Pal app. I'm a very visual person, so the fact that I can see what I'm putting into my body on a daily basis -- and how much of it -- really makes me aware of the choices I'm making. And I've found that choosing something delicious and healthy is so much more gratifying than consuming empty fast food calories. That being said, I don't deprive myself -- I love food/eating way too much! I just don't go overboard (or try not to, anyway!). I'm also trying to reserve adult beverages for the weekends ;)

Second, I'm trying to hit the gym as much as possible. I like to do an hour of cardio of some kind to get a good sweat going, but I'm also interested in learning more about strength training and other types of exercises that get your heart pumping. I recently tried a kickboxing class and loved it! Anything where I feel like I get a full body workout is ideal, so if you have any suggestions, I'd love to hear them!

Another bonus is that the husband and I have been going together, which is great for motivation and support. We push each other to go on the days where one of us just might not be feelin' it and try to be as encouraging as possible. It's been so nice to have a partner in crime and make these lifestyle changes as a couple. It's actually made our marriage stronger!

Just by making these fairly simple adjustments, I've already noticed a difference. I feel so much better on a daily basis, have more energy, a more positive attitude, and have even toned up in some spots/lost a little bit of weight. It's also made me appreciate what my body is capable of if I do right by it!

You might be thinking by now (if you've stuck with me for this long), "What the heck does this have to do with Tuesday Temptations?" For one, I love shopping, no matter what it's for. And recently, I've been all about picking up some new workout gear! But I didn't feel like I could just throw a post together with sports bras and neon sneakers without giving you the back story and sharing something that's become super important to me as of late. And hey, maybe it'll even motivate someone to make positive changes in their own life!

Lastly, I should mention that I'm by no means an expert on any of this. I'm still a work in progress and am nowhere near reaching all the goals I've set for myself -- though I have reached some, and that's definitely worth recognizing! There is so much to learn and I know I can continue to make improvements in my diet, my workout routine, etc., but this is what's been working for me. Everyone is different, so finding what works for you is important. And if you've already found it, I'd love for you to share in the comments below or on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook!

Thanks for sticking with me and happy Tuesday!


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  1. Thanks for sharing with us! I am just now getting on this bandwagon after too little exercise/poor eating during our strenuous move. Right now I just feel sore & hungry, but I'm looking forward to the "more energy" part you talked about here :)


  2. Getting fit is always a good thing! I really need to try the My Fitness Pal ap. I've had it on my phone for months, but I've never actually used it :(


  3. Ugh.. I know how you feel. Sometimes I look at my pictures and just think 'yuck, yuck, yuck!' I totally need to get motivated in the work-out department. I got married and got super lazy! Thank you for the motivation Alison! Hugs!

    PS - You are gorgeous! Always!


  4. I love that you and your hubby head to the gym together! So cute. I have been trying to brainstorm fun ways to work out lately because my summer schedule has me working later and I rarely make it to the gym these days. I think having cute workout clothes always motivates me though-- so I totally see a connection to Tuesday Temptations!

  5. Love this post and your honesty! I've done a few workout posts on Pearls & Twirls and always say that new (cute) workout clothes are key to staying motivated! I'm planning on buying a pair of new cute shoes right before I leave for vacation next week so I'm excited to get back at it when I get home! Sometimes it's just the little things that can make you (and keep you) motivated! Great job lady! ;)


  6. I needed this :) I am in a funk and am a certified zumba instructor so I have zero excuse to not be working out. I need to step my game up. Mark has been trying to convince me too. I need change! xo

  7. You should try indoor cycling pilates and barre classes is a range of good studios in DC.
    Thanks for sharing keep on post your gears ideas and how you been done we can motived each other


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