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September 13, 2011

Yay or Nay: Fur vests

They may not be getting as much attention as trends like colored pants or platform penny loafers, but no one who considers themselves fashion-forward can deny that fur vests are huge this season.

But honestly, I'm torn between thinking they'd be really cute worn belted with the perfect midi skirt and boots or feeling like I'd resemble a woolly mammoth, sans the tusks.

The evidence:

Yay or Nay: Fur vests

Click here for the all faux fur Polyvore set. You're welcome, PETA.

The verdict: Since my initial reaction to the outfits I've seen styled with fur vests didn't include thoughts of roadkill - though I could totally see how someone would make such a correlation - I suppose I don't hate them. In fact, they're kinda cozy looking and will definitely provide some extra warmth. (Note: I hate being cold.)

My choice would probably be one on the cheaper end of the scale, however, like the ones from H&M or Forever 21, since I know myself well enough to predict that a few wears would fulfill my faux fur quota. That, and I'm not so sure how much staying power this particular trend has or if it's something I'd even want to adopt into my personal style for an extended period of time.

Would you wear a fur vest? How long do you think this trend will stick around?

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  1. oh I LOVE fur vests. I personally think it has been a "trend" forever :) I have one from F21 and I looooove it but am def going to be getting some longer ones this fall :) they are so cute!

  2. You know, at one point I was really against fur vests. But I don't know if it was seeing my sister constantly rocking fabulous vests that she finds at the thrift store. Or probably because of this blogsville world. I don't know, but now I want one. Badly. I can picture it go over so many of my blouses/dresses that I own.

  3. Def rockin mine this year. I ahve a couple and cannot wait to post with them on



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