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February 17, 2011

Home sweet home

My camera isn't the best and neither are my photography skills (not yet, anyway), but I still wanted to share the apartment that's attached to that incredible view I gushed about the other day:

The ridiculously huge window in the living area which I love, love love! Finding curtains to fit that baby, though? Yikes! (Please excuse the ladder. I was assured it would be gone by the time we move in.)

More of the living room (and the ladder)...

 Where I will undoubtedly be spending a majority of my time...

Bedroom with another amazing window...

And, because I couldn't resist, two more views from our balcony...

Eeeeeeeee so excited! Vincent and I are so looking forward to moving in after wedding! I hope to share more when it's um...well...furnished!


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