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February 27, 2011


Friday was Vincent's birthday. He's 25. Oldddddddd. Every year he likes to boast that he's dating/engaged to a younger woman, even if only for a few months until my birthday and we're once again the same age. I think it makes him feel like Hugh Hefner or something. Whatever gets ya through the day, my dear!

Anyway, I baked him that fabulous cake seen above. Fortunately, it tasted better than it looked. You see, I didn't exactly remember that I would need something to write on the cake with, so at the last minute I decided to "make my own" with a recipe I found online. Sounds great in theory, right? Yeah, no, it wasn't runny at all.

Okay, I lie. Either way, he loved it and I was happy to bake something for him in order to celebrate the big 2-5. And how cute is he blowing out all his candles? Love it (and him)!


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