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July 12, 2018

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Early Access -- First round picks

If you're a regular reader of any blog basically ever ;) then I don't have to tell you that Early Access to Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale starts today. Instead, let's cut right to the good stuff, which is what caught my eye right away.

To be honest, when I first saw this year's catalog I wasn't all that impressed and hoped it wasn't going to be a let down. Fortunately, it wasn't! I even had a hard time editing my first round of picks because there are just so many pieces I wanted -- way more than in years past! My strategy is usually to add a ton to my cart on day one, narrow it down a bit, then place an order. This sale is all about snagging the pieces you think you might even be remotely interested in as soon as you can, because things sell out so fast. I honestly try not to go overboard, but I'd rather be able to return something that I'm not totally in love with than miss out entirely ;)

After the first order is placed (and my first post is up haha) and for the next week of Early Access, I usually end up adding a ton of other things to my cart. At this point the initial rush is over and I can take a little more time to decide on rounds two, three, four...etc. ;) It's usually pieces I missed the first time that I'll find when perusing or things that I completely glossed over. I also try to make a trip to the store, because things always look different in person!

My strategy is almost always to stick to the basics, which you can pretty much tell by my picks -- though I will snag a few trendy items. Things I'm most excited about from my first order include this varsity tee, these jeans (such a good deal!), this blazer and this fuzzy coat. All of which I can picture myself wearing non-stop.

There are also a few other favorites I either got last year or already own: these jeans that are back again and are one of my most-worn pairs, this dress that I have in a different print...it's sooo comfy, my favorite leggings, two new colors of this suede moto jacket, these sneakers (so obsessed with the gray) and this dainty necklace.

As soon as my first order arrives (here's hoping my next business day shipping actually went through with all the website problems this morning) I'll be doing a try-on post like last year since you guys seemed to like that the most! So stay tuned and happy shopping!

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