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March 22, 2017

Top 5 neutral lip products

There was a time (when I first started blogging) that I experimented with bright shades of lipstick. "Schiap" by NARS was having a moment and I went through a phase where I bought every variation of red. There's nothing wrong with trying trends, but looking back on old photos sometimes makes me cringe. I guess that's the beauty of blogging, in a way, because it allows you to reflect on your style, how you've evolved and being able to see what worked and what didn't.

Colors from left to right: Totally, Bare Blush, Fortune Cookie, Blankety, Pearl Rose

For me, it's proof that I'm just not a bright lip kinda girl. There's a reason I gravitate towards neutral shades and I think at a certain age you just get comfortable with yourself and what you truly love. For me, it's a nude lip. Or at least some version of one. I think we can all thank Kylie for bringing the 90s shades back, so if I want to go crazy I'll go for something a bit more matte and brown ;), but for the most part a good neutral gloss or lipstick is my go-to for everything from my 9-5 to black tie. And while I have more than I can count, I wanted to share five of my absolute favorites.

1. Totally -- This is truly the perfect nude gloss. It's very close to my lip color and it usually what I put on the morning when I'm getting ready.

2. Bare Blush -- I bought this in the fall because it's a little more mauve/brown, but still very subtle. Laura Mercier is my favorite gloss brand at the moment, and I also have/love Bare Naked and Baby Doll.

3. Fortune Cookie -- If you're looking for something that gives your lips a true nude look, this is it. I'll often use this if I do a heavy smokey eye. And, it's only $5!

4. Blankety -- I don't wear lipstick on a daily basis, but when I do this is a favorite. Matte lipsticks tend to dry me out but this one has a bit of moisture and shine to it, though definitely not on the level of a gloss. Depending on the look I'm going for, I might layer one of my glosses over it.

5. Pearl Rose -- I've become obsessed with Aveda's products and this gloss is amazing. It's more pink than nude and has a bit of shimmer, but I absolutely love how it looks on. It has mint in it so it's naturally cooling and plumping.

I'm always looking to expand my collection, so if you have a favorite please share!

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