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December 8, 2016

Suede moto








You've likely been seeing this suede moto jacket everywhere since it was included in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale earlier this year. I didn't buy it then and regretted it, but feel like it was fate that I waited and ultimately ended up getting it in this light gray color. (You might remember me talking about it in a dark gray, which I ultimately returned for this one. I still plan on buying the original "Midnight Toker" color if they ever make it again!)

There's a reason it's so popular and it's because it's honestly just that good. It's real suede and the quality is, in my opinion, pretty amazing. You can easily pay twice as much if not way more for something similar and I love the wide array of colors it comes in. This is actually a little dangerous because it's easy to "need" more than one to go with different things. And since it's the holiday season, I'd definitely add it to the list of things that would make a great gift. Even if it's just to yourself ;)

Below are all the colors and sizes I could track down, so I hope you find one you love if you're considering it!

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