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July 22, 2016

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale -- Open to the public!

Shoes & accessories

There's a good chance your bank account already hates you from shopping the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. If not and you've been patiently waiting for it to open to the public (or you're being haunted by the pieces you didn't buy and are obsessively refreshing your browser tabs in hopes they restock #raiseshand), it's officially go time. It's open season starting today and you have between now and August 7 to make it count.

I'll spare you the spiel as to why this sale is so. good. Because you already know. I do want to mention, though, that some of the items I've included here are low in stock. But even throughout this pre-sale week I've seen things come and go very quickly, so I know Nordies is restocking some items. People are also going to start making returns, so if you love something be diligent about checking for it. I'd also suggest checking your local store and maybe even sucking up to asking one of the sales associates to check to see if it's available anywhere else in the country.

As for me, I think my final purchases will be this sweater and these sneakers. But who am I to limit myself? ;)

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