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March 1, 2016

How to wear the sneaker trend

If you told me a few years ago as I was teetering around in my stilettos that sneakers would replace the highest of heels and be just as chic there's a good chance I wouldn't have believed you. Because even after tending to more than my fair share of blisters and countless occasions of enduring hours of standing or walking in uncomfortable shoes until my feet were numb, I couldn't imagine giving up my heels. And yet here I am buying Nikes like I'm in the NBA.

Seriously though, this is one of my favorite trends for so many reasons. Namely, comfort. I majorly cut back on wearing heels when I was pregnant (for obvious reasons) and my feet just haven't been the same since. So this whole thing came at a pretty good time and doesn't show signs of slowing down.

There are definitely some dos and don'ts to pulling this look off, however, so today I wanted to share my top five tips for making sure your look is on point. You can also find my current picks below:
1. Neutrals are best -- Neon pink and green is great for the gym, but if you're looking to swap out your heels for a pair of comfy sneaks to go with your every day look, stick to neutrals and solid colors in general. Black or white pairs are always safe, but something with a fun but monochromatic pattern will work, too.

2. Flattering fit -- Some sneakers are bulky by nature, and depending on your build, you might want something a little more slimming. Opt for a pair that's designed for walking or leisure rather than, say, running a marathon.

3. Keep the rest of the look simple -- My favorite way to wear sneakers is with faux leather leggings or super skinny jeans. It's the most flattering and looks super chic/effortless. I also like them with distressed boyfriend jeans, but I'm not tall enough to pull it off ;) You can definitely wear them with skirts or dresses, too, but you'll want something like these (in white) in that case.

4. Show some skin -- This look works best when you can see a little bit of your ankle bone. Opt for a pair of pants that's cropped/ankle length or simply cuff whatever pair you're wearing.

5. No socks allowed -- We've talked about this before when dealing with ankle booties and the same rule applies to the sneaker trend. I'm not saying don't wear socks, I'm just saying wear the right ones. To keep the look sleek, your socks shouldn't be visible.

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