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February 17, 2016









Dress | Similar boots here and here | Chanel bag c/o Bag Borrow or Steal | Sunglasses

You may recall in the not so distant past that I completely obsessed about getting this dress for Fashion Week. Except when it arrived, I was less than thrilled. It was too long and the lace-up back (which is what sold me on it to begin with) pulled the rest of the fabric in strange directions creating some hunchback vibes. Not cute. I could've sent it back, but had an even stronger desire to make it work. With no time to take it to a tailor, I did what any rational person with no sewing experience would do: I hemmed it myself. A shorter hemline definitely helped, but something was still off. That's when I decided to wear it backwards.

The lace-up detailing is by far the best part of the dress and since I'd be wearing a coat most of the time (more on that later) I decided to bring the party to the front. It seriously made all the difference in the world! So much so that I double checked the tag placement because I wasn't so sure that's not how it was meant to be worn -- ha!

I decided to wear it on day one in NYC because that's when it was going to be the "warmest." And by that I mean it was a balmy 20-something degrees and I could still wrap my mind around the thought of taking my coat off for pictures. The rest of the week, not so much. Let's just say by day four I ended up waving the white flag of surrender from my bus home in my puffy down parka with the fur trimmed hood.

I'll be sharing a few more looks from Fashion Week over the next week so stay tuned! Hint: coats included.

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