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December 22, 2015

Gift Guide: Get it in time

Gift Guide: Last minute

Thanks to modern technology, you can literally wait until the absolute last minute to order almost any Christmas gift. Because nothing says "I care" quite like procrastination, right? ;)

Both Amazon and Nordstrom are heavily trafficked by me year round, but even more so lately. And probably because Amazon Prime might be the best thing ever invented. I mean, come on. Where else can you order toilet paper AND gifts for your entire family at the same time all while fulfilling your need for instant gratification because it arrives in two days?

You have until tonight on Amazon and tomorrow on Nordstrom (look for items marked with the special banner) to get your orders in. So whether it's this wood and marble serving board for the hostess, classic Ray-Bans for your family's "it" girl, or the slippers your mom will never buy for herself, you can be sure they'll all arrive in time for gifting on Friday morning!

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