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December 10, 2015

Gift Guide: For the dudes

Gift Guide: For the dudes

When it comes to guys, I feel like there are two gift categories: ones that are practical and ones that are straight up toys. The hover board, for example, has been on my husband's wish list since a co-worker brought it into their office. And he's always intrigued by the latest wireless Bluetooth device. (If we're being honest, both are pretty cool.)

But dudes need practical gifts, too, and it's basically up to us ladies to supply them! If I had to pick a favorite item from this list it would hands down be this duffel/weekender bag. I got it for Vincent for Father's Day and he absolutely loves it. He's been traveling for work every month or so but the trips are short, so the size is ideal for fitting everything he needs for 2-3 days and he doesn't have to worry about checking a bag. It also has a separate shoe compartment, which I probably appreciate more than he does ;) And if you're looking for a great stocking stuffer, I'd highly recommend these metal collar stays. So much better than the flimsy plastic ones!

I have more gift guides coming up to help you get your last minute Christmas shopping done, so stay tuned!

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