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November 17, 2015







Vest: Old, shorter identical version here, similar one here | Dress | Boots | Bag | Sunglasses

If we're being honest, today's look is really only about one thing for me: these over the knee boots. The OTK style has long been on my list of "things that don't fit because I'm short," and it's been so hard to find the right pair (though I do have a pair from last season that I lucked out with). I mean, I love the Stuart Weitzmans and all, but the shaft height is basically the length of my entire leg. Not cute. But then I found these.

If you look closely at the description online, it technically classifies them as knee high boots. Which is probably true for humans of an average height. But if you're petite, you can easily get away with the OTK look. That being said, they get my full endorsement all around because they're super comfy, the perfect height and I love the chunky heel. I'm still searching for a pair that's a bit tighter around my calf, but have decided to just claim victory with these for the time being ;)

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