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September 1, 2015

Tuesday Temptations: That 70s show

Tuesday Temptations: 70s

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Let's just get it out of the way right now and ask how is it actually September? Maybe it's because we spent the first half of our summer packing and preparing to move and the second half unpacking after the move, but man did this one go fast. I'm borderline beating a dead horse when I say I'm always sad to see summer go, but as soon as I accept the inevitable I'm happy to embrace fall with open arms.

Fall fashion helps, too. And this season it's all about the 70s. If we're being honest, this wasn't one of my favorite trends at first. I'll take a sleek all black look with faux leather over paisley prints and loose dresses any day. But there are totally ways to work it in without going full on hippie, ya dig? Flare jeans, for one, are an absolute must-have right now. It's not likely you'll ever see me in a pair since I'm less than 5 feet tall and things get pretty ridiculous looking when you try to hem flares, but I'm not ruling it out if the right pair comes along. Fortunately, skirts aren't an issue, so an A-line button down (in either suede or denim) is a more likely scenario. You also can't go wrong with anything that includes lace-up details, specifically lace up blouses and bodysuits. (The one I included here is only $22!)

If all else fails, snag this super cheap bucket bag from Old Navy and give your go-to satchel a rest while staying on trend.

What are your thoughts on the 70s comeback? Love it or hate it?

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