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August 21, 2015

Happy Friday + Link love


-This sweater/poncho is entirely too long for my petite frame, but it. is. gorgeous! If you're anywhere near an average height, please buy it so I can be jealous of you.

-I'm counting down the days until my iPhone upgrade (how so not 2015 of me), and I'm considering this gold lace case as an option.

-Remember the gold and white New Balance sneakers that sold out earlier this year? They've been restocked!

-Do you also remember that time we all dumped buckets of ice water over our heads to help raise money for ALS? Turns out it actually made a difference!

-Think I'm gonna need this perfect draped blouse.

-I'm in the market for a new highlighter and can't decide between this one and this one (in "Copacabana"). I tend to love all things NARS, but have heard good things about Benefit's version.

-Everything got kinda tossed onto our bar car when we unpacked, but this weekend I plan to get it back to its previously styled glory using some inspiration from here.

-When you find a striped swing dress for your daughter and are secretly jealous it doesn't come in your size.

-Apparently, there's more to curtain hanging etiquette than just drilling some holes, putting up a rod and praying it only looks lopsided if you stare at it long enough. Who knew!? This list of tips is super helpful for getting it right.

-Am I too old to be excited about the new Restoration Hardware Teen line that's coming out?

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