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June 30, 2015

Tuesday Temptations: Home sweet home

Tuesday Temptations: Home sweet home

Real life: home decor intimidates me. It's not like buying a new shirt, wearing it once only to realize it was a huge mistake and then tossing it in the donate pile with not a whole lot lost. Furniture is a totally different animal. It's expensive. It's an investment. It's a commitment. One bad choice can make you hate an entire room for years...no pressure or anything!

Which is why now that we're moving into a new home, I'm really trying to get it right. I've spent months researching and thinking about the look I want and what I truly love. This is hard for me since I'm an "all in" kinda person and I want to have everything done all at once. But forcing myself to slow down, focus on one thing and make one decision at a time is ensuring that I end up with a look I'm happy with for years to come. Even if that means delaying the instant gratification high!

That's not to say I'm not doing a ton of online window shopping. Which is what I wanted to share with you today. We're definitely going for a neutral but chic look, and there are a few items I'm almost positive I want. Some version of this dining table is an absolute must, and this couch is serving as the inspiration for the living room. New lamps for the bedroom are also going to be happening pretty quickly since I hate the ones we have now (prime example of a hasty decision) and I'm almost 100% that this is the chandelier I want for over our dining table.

There's also the chance I'll change my mind completely as I find more inspiration and get more used to the home haha! But I'll be sure to keep you posted ;)

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