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April 10, 2015

Happy Friday + Link love

-These are the closest things I've found to those bad-A mesh leggings from Lululemon (which are sold out everywhere -- boo). They're also a fraction of the price!

-Clearly, I have a thing for mesh right now, because I'm pretty obsessed with this dress. A friend sent me the link to it the other day and I couldn't believe where it was from. It looks so high-end!

-As if the stuff we already leave in our online shopping carts for months on end doesn't taunt us enough, you'll soon be able to buy Chanel online. Le sigh.

-I know I talk a lot about the perfect white tee here -- it's a never-ending quest, really -- but this one is seriously the best I've found. The v-neck has just the right amount of plunge, it's not too sheer, the sleeve length is perfect and it's so unbelievably soft! (It's made to be super slouchy, so size down.)

-If you watch Game of Thrones (and can't wait for the season premier on Sunday!!!), then you'll definitely appreciate this.

-I've been on the hunt for clear sunglasses with mirrored lenses and absolutely fell in love with this pair. They're even better than what I imagined I wanted, if that makes sense!

-One of my favorite pairs of summer sandals is back this season!

-I have yet to find the perfect pair of boyfriend jeans for my super petite frame. But I'm seeing a lot of the "girlfriend" jean style pop up, which provides a bit of a slimmer fit without sacrificing that relaxed look. I found these recently and think they might be a serious contender!

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