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March 3, 2015

Tuesday Temptations: Spring neutrals

Tuesday Temptations: Spring black and white

I wasn't planning on all these picks being black and white, it just kinda happened. But then again that basically explains my entire closet. Either way, your basic colors are just as "in" for spring as florals, so feel free to keep the monochromatic trend going. The bag and the hat, specifically, are so perfect to go with any outfit. And can we just TALK about that dress. We all have a million bridal/baby showers and weddings to go to once the warm weather hits, and I'd wear that beauty everywhere.

The same can be said for all these picks, really. I love them because I know I'd wear them constantly. All too often I've bought things that weren't quite me because they were trendy or I thought they were what I should be wearing. Dumb, right? Truth is, I like having a closet full of neutral pieces. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy/appreciate color and definitely own bright clothing. But there's something to be said for finding your style -- whatever it may be -- and not feeling bad about it. So bring on the black/white/gray/tan!

What do you guys think? Whether you're a blogger or not, do you ever feel pressure to dress (or not dress) a certain way? I'd love to get your opinion!

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