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March 31, 2015

Tuesday Temptations: Girly

Tuesday Temptations: Girly

Let's pretend for a second it's sunny, 78 degrees and I have a tan. (Let's also pretend that last part is actually possible. Hence this stuff.) Being right on the cusp of those kinds of days has me excited to shed the winter layers and add some summery, girly pieces to my wardrobe. I go through this phase every spring and, while I don't stray too far from my love of neutrals, I do like to brighten up my wardrobe a bit.

But just because you want to dress like it's warm, doesn't mean it actually is. Which is why I love pieces like these destroyed light wash jeans and this pretty blush fedora. They're just like the dark skinnies and black floppy hat you've been living in all winter, except more seasonally appropriate. In the case of that crochet swimsuit, though, it's totally fine to throw practicality out the window. Because who cares if it's just barely April. It's gorgeous, you need it and you'll be soaking up the sun on your rooftop pool soon enough, right? ;)

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