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January 13, 2015

Tuesday Temptations: Wants and needs

Tuesday Temptations: Wants and needs

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I'm a little all over the place with this week's roundup. Some things I actually need -- like a new daily moisturizer. I've been using the same one for years. Like, since high school. It's not very expensive, but it does the trick. And every time I near the end of a jar, I'm reminded that it's probably time for a change...only to end up buying the same one. Because lazy. I'm considering investing in this one since I've heard nothing but amazing things. But the price is throwing me off. Have you tried it? Or, do you have any other suggestions?

On the list of pure wants, I'm absolutely drooling over this two tone jacket. I mean, gray with white leather sleeves? Where do I sign up? And we won't even talk about that bag. It's not even a consideration right now, but a girl can dream.

Straddling the line between need and want, however, are those black booties. I'm in desperate need of a new every day pair and these are serious contenders. Then you have that cross body bag, which at less than $30 -- and with such a high end look -- is so worth picking up. Both would be perfect Fashion Week purchases, don't you agree ;)


  1. Morning! I had to chime in on the moisturizer! I just got a new moisturizer for Christmas and I. LOVE. IT! It is Philosophy's Renewed Hope. Its super smooth, has a nice fresh scent and has been great on my sensitive skin. Just wanted to share :)

    - Whit (@mrswhit13)

  2. The raybans, yes! Gosh your Tuesday post always makes me want to go shopping. Not a good idea. Everything is just sooo cute.



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