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January 27, 2015

Tuesday Temptations: Snow day essentials

Snow day essentials

If you live anywhere in the Northeast, you're probably waking up to snow so high that not even your Hunter rain boots will be tall enough to trek through it. Compared to New York and Boston, we're being spared here in D.C., but all this blizzard talk is enough to make anyone want to curl up on the couch, drink hot chocolate and binge watch both seasons of "House of Cards" on Netflix. In which case, it's a perfect opportunity to share my snow day essentials!

When it comes to lounging at home during the winter, or any other time really, comfort is the name of the game. For one, I'm always in a pair of cozy socks -- see my Instagram for evidence -- or slippers. I absolutely hate when my feet are cold, so I always have to have something on. I actually just splurged on these and wear them constantly because they're so comfy and warm! I also keep my clothing loose and soft. Almost as soon as I walk in the door, my hair goes up, the skinny jeans come off and are replaced by sweats and a loose-fitting top. For extra warmth, I usually toss on a sweatshirt, but I'm trying to up my game lately. Which is why this cardigan would be perfect.

If there's one thing I can't get enough of, though, it's throw blankets. I actually kind of hoard them and literally have to stop myself from buying them when I go into Home Goods or TJ Maxx (the ones they have are all so cute!). My mother-in-law got me one similar to this faux fur version for Christmas and I'm obsesseddddd. I love keeping them by the couch or on the end of our bed for when I get cold.

I'd love to hear about some of your favorite items for cozying up at home! Stay warm and safe, babes!


  1. Love the picks, especially the fur throw! They're definitely essential for ultimate coziness during the cold winter months. Instead of sweats, I opt for leggings. I find that it keeps the warmth in for me.

  2. The link for the fur throw takes me to the socks!

    1. Ahhh, sorry! That's what late night blogging will do to ya! It's fixed now :)


  3. OMG please don't make me order all this stuff as I lay in bed during the perfect snow day, lol!



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