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January 16, 2015

Happy Friday + Link love

1. Another day, another beanie. At what point does it become an actual problem? 

2. Wine ice cream is now a thing, you guys. It's like the gods heard the prayers of women everywhere.

3. I'm kinda on a sneaker kick right now. I got this pair for Christmas and have been wearing them non-stop. I especially love pairing them with faux leather leggings a la this fab street style look. Not to mention they're like...good for your feet and stuff. Which is not the norm for this heel-loving girl. I'm even thinking about picking up another pair. Maybe these? 

4. Aren't these candles just the cutest things!? The pineapple is my favorite, but I feel like I need one of each. They'd also make great gifts!

5. I made this chicken alfredo last weekend and it is seriously tah die for. You make everything in one pot so it's super easy and cuts down on the mess. It also didn't take that long to make, which is a major bonus. It's probably not the healthiest of meals given the heavy cream, cheese and pasta situation, but you can have a salad one day next week to make up for it. I promise, it's worth it!

6. Barney's is having a ridiculously good sale right now. I don't shop there normally -- because money -- but they have some really great pieces that are majorly marked down. Definitely worth taking a look!

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