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October 28, 2014

Tuesday Temptations

Tuesday Temptations

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It's almost unfair how good shopping can be in the fall. I'm always just so inspired and my wish list is miles longer than it is at any other point in the year. And can you blame me? Especially when pieces like that gorgeous waterfall cape exist.

I also tend to want to stock up on basics like a versatile coat, the chunkiest of scarves and a great pair of booties (how cold is too cold for these, by the way?). Oh yeah, and sunglasses. Because 1.) your eyes need to be protected from the sun during the winter, too (it's really all about practicality, right?) and 2.) you can never have enough Ray-Ban aviators. They're the most universally flattering pair of sunglasses I've found and they easily complement any and every face shape. I wear my brown and gold pair all the time but have been stalking this black pair since last winter and think they'd be perfect for the cold months ahead.

Have a happy Tuesday!

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