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October 30, 2014

Top five fall trends

I've had a few people ask about some of my fall must-haves recently, so today I figured I'd round up the top five trends I can't get enough of right now -- including some inspiration and favorite items that go along with them. The best part? They're all basic enough that they work for everyone and can easily be adapted based on your personal style.

1. Distressed everything -- I've been going on and on and on about holes in my jeans for months now. In fact, I'm pretty sure I've purchased more denim over the past few weeks than I have in previous years combined and I think almost all of it is distressed. I've already mentioned that these are my favorite pair of classic blue distressed skinnies, but am loving everything from seriously destroyed boyfriend jeans to super skinny pairs with the slightest slits across the knee.

2. Gray -- If I'm not buying black, I'm buying gray -- probably because it's just a lighter version of my color of choice -- and wearing it head to toe is one of my favorite looks for fall. And while any shade of gray is fine (I think there might be 50 of them), I'm partial to the super light versions (like this cocoon coat). Such a great neutral!

3. Black skinnies -- The blackest of black skinny pants/jeans are must-haves for fall. You can wear them with anything from sky high heels to sneaks on the weekend, and they'll still look chic. Bonus points if they have a rip in the knee (see #1). I've heard good things about these.

4. Leather jackets -- My love for leather and faux leather truly knows no bounds. Which, if you read this blog regularly, you already know. So I'm not making any kind of groundbreaking statement when I say that a great leather jacket is a necessity. I just picked up this one for a steal and love the moto look!

5. Fedoras -- Hats, specifically fedoras, have been gaining serious momentum over the past few seasons and are back in a big way for this fall and winter. Not only are they practical, but they're super cute. Which is obvi the more important of the two. You can't go wrong with any color, but I love brown and black. Check out how I styled them here and here.

What are the trends topping your list this fall?

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