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October 3, 2014

Happy Friday + Link love

-My recent closet purge has left me needing a few things. Namely, a black blazer. I'm embarrassed to admit that the only one I have is from a cheap suit I bought in college. The matching pants have long since made an exit from my wardrobe, but it's somehow stuck around and staked its claim as THE black blazer in my closet. Does it serve its purpose? Yes. Should a late 20-something be wearing a piece that was bought on a college student's budget and used for internship interviews? Absolutely not. Plus, I've said time and time again that a quality black blazer is a must-have. So I'm basically a hypocrite. Needless to say, I'm ready to drop a dime or two on a new one. I love the tailored cut of this one and this long-line boyfriend version. Or maybe a more classic look? What do you think?

-Happy October 3rd! If you don't know what I'm talking about, click here. You're welcome.

-This awkward period between warm and cool mornings has really made me aware of my less-than-stellar light jacket game. And for fear of becoming one of those people who's already wearing a puffer coat on their morning commute (It's like 60 degrees, I seriously cannot even), I'm looking at a few options. I'm a huge fan of faux leather, so this one is an obvious contender. I also love something super simple like a gray boucle coat, since it would go with basically everything. Or maybe I want a classic trench? All three? ;)

-If you like designer sunglasses -- and who doesn't -- then you'll want to make sure you enter my giveaway with Ditto! They're offering a $250 gift card good towards anything on their site. Ray-Bans, Karen Walkers, Elizabeth and James. So many amazing pairs. The giveaway is open until Sunday night!

-Bloomingdale's Friends and Family sale is happening right now, which means everything is 20% off! I plan on making a stop there this weekend -- probably to look for a black blazer (see above, in case you missed that whole spiel) -- and wouldn't mind leaving with, you know, all of these things:

Have a fab weekend!


1 comment:

  1. I finally bit the proverbial bullet this summer and bought a Helmut Lang black blazer. Holy goodness - I'll never reject that splurge because it's gone with EVERYTHING and has been worth every penny. Good luck finding the perfect one for you.



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