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June 10, 2014

Tuesday Temptations: Cropped

Tuesday Temptations: Crop tops

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First, a huge thank you for all the sweet comments on yesterday's post! My day was truly made -- not to mention my ego totally boosted ;) It actually ties perfectly into today's post since I'm going to need a little confidence to rock the trend we're chatting about!

About five months into my pregnancy, I came around to the idea of crop tops. I was totally on board and eager to try one out. It was also smack in the middle of a particularly brutal winter. Umm, talk about bad timing.

But now that I'm working on my post-baby bod and the warm weather is here to stay, I think I'm ready to give one a shot. Especially since they've exploded in popularity and there are so many cute options this summer! I'll probably start with something basic like this one and, if all goes well, can see myself picking up other fun colors, prints and styles and making them a permanent staple in my summer wardrobe. These are just a handful of the ones I have my eye on.

What are your thoughts on these? Are you on the crop top bandwagon?


1 comment:

  1. Such cute finds! And, mazel on that sweet baby of yours! Semi-loving the idea of crop tops. I wore one last week on the blog and I love how it looked but as a 30-something I think I need to be selective about when/where I'm going!



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